The objective of this design project was to innovate and create novel musical instruments, spanning across tonal, percussive, and open categories. The aim was to provide musicians with new means of expression and performing capabilities, while delivering a unique and engaging experience for the audience. By utilizing unconventional design processes and methodologies, the created instruments aspire to expand the creative horizons and potential of musical and performing artists. Ultimately, the goal was to introduce fresh perspectives to finding new sounds and enhancing the overall musical and artistic landscape through innovative instrument design.


Inspired from the Blue ManGroup, this mini-version of the tubulum uses the same principal of striking varying lengths of PVC pipes using a soft flat member in order to produce different tones of percussion.

Category Percussion    Material Pinewood, PVC, Rubber


The Shakers were specifically crafted to have a straight forward linear structure that relies on the minimal contact between the bottle-caps to generate sound upon shaking. The resulting sound produced on shaking is similar to that of a Maracas.

Category Percussion    Material Plywood, Steel Bottle-caps


The Newkulele was designed by conducting a form study of the original Ukulele’s body and redeveloping it in a unique open-body structure. By incorporating a chrome grating for vibration, the Newkulele generates a distinct tonal language that contrasts with that of a traditional ukulele, resulting in a more melancholic sound.

Category Tonal     Material Teak, Plywood, Chrome, Nylon