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An experiment to design and produce new types of musical instruments (tonal and percussive) that can create new unique capabilities of performing music. The instruments would not only focus on musicians but look towards creating new experience for audiences witnessing the performances. These imaginative instruments expand the possibilities of finding new sounds that tie together the experiences of performing artists and listeners, using  innovative design processes and unconventional production methods. Three instruments were developed, each producing its own distinctive sounds.

Mini Tubulum

Inspired from the Blue Man Group, this mini-version of the classic tubulum uses the same principal of striking varying lengths of PVC pipes using a soft flat member in order to produce different tones of percussion. The instrument consists of a pinewood frame that house varying lengths of PVC pipes producing 4 different notes when played using soft rubber squares. 

Mini Tubulum: Image 1
Mini Tubulum: Image 2
Mini Tubulum: Image 3
Mini Tubulum: Technical Details
Mini Tubulum: 3D
Mini Tubulum: Image 4
Mini Tubulum: Image 5
Mini Tubulum: Image 7
Mini Tubulum: Image 6


The Newkulele was designed as a adaptive form study of the body of the original Ukulele. The use of an open body structure and chrome grating for vibration creates a very different tonal language as compared to a normal ukulele, producing a much more somber sound. The main body of the instrument is carved from teak wood, plywood frets are embedded on its surface, the chrome grating below provides quirky reverberations when the nylon strings are plucked.

Newkulele: Image 1
Newkulele: Image 2
Newkulele: Image 3
Newkulele: Image 4
Newkulele: Technical Details 1s 1
Newkulele: Technical Details 2
Newkulele: Technical Details 3


The Shakers were designed to take a very linear form and produce sound from the interaction between metal bottle-caps and the main body when the device is shaken. It produces a sound similar to a Maracas. The main body is carved from plywood and re-purposed beer bottle caps are strung on steel wire held between the fingers of the plywood body. The unique percussive sound these shakers generate can easily supplement sounds from any other instrument.

Shakers: Image 1
Shakers: Image 2
Shakers: Image 3
Shakers: Image 4
Shakers: Technical Details 1
Shakers: Technical Details 2
Shakers: Image 5



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