The project brief was to design a functioning prototype of a GoPro Mount in collaboration with RedBull, GoPro and world champion rock climber Sasha DiGiulian. There was an opportunity to develop two types of mounts: On-Body and Off-Body. It was integral to come up with a design that offered minimal interference to the climber while maximizing details and angles of images capture during the climb. Two working prototypes were developed and an additional conceptual prototype was explored. The on-body mount was envisioned as a protective vest that housed two telescoping rods for mounting multiple cameras. This design enabled the climber to capture unique simultaneous vertical and horizontal views on the climb. The off-body mount was a flexible housing for the cameras that used embedded layers of GECKSKIN®, a high-functioning, high-performance sustainable bio-inspired adhesive technology that mimicked the skin of a gecko to stick to surfaces. This enabled the climber to affix the mount onto various surfaces during climb and capture distinctive images. The third concept was a rock climbing robot, propelled on a rope line placed parallel to the climber. The RockBOT would autonomously capture images while moving beside the climber. These mounts functioned as a self development tool to better understand climbing techniques, movements and functioned as a database of climbing data for later viewing and analysis.

Redbull: Sasha DiGiulian 1
Redbull: Sasha DiGiulian 2

Concept Sketches

Redbull: Concept Sketch 1
Redbull: Concept Sketch 2
Redbull: Concept Sketch 3
Redbull: Concept Sketch 4
Redbull: Concept Sketch 5
Redbull: Concept Sketch 6
Redbull: Concept Sketch 7
Redull: Concept Sketch 8

Concept Design

Redbull: On-Body Mount Sketch
On-Body Mount: Technical Details 1
On-Body Mount: Technical Details 2
Redbull_Prototype 2-min-min
Redbull_RendOff-Body Mount: Technical Details 2
Off-Body Mount: Technical Details 1
RockBOT: Technical Details 2
RockBOT: Technical Details 1


Redbull: Prototyping 1
Redbull: Prototyping 2
Redbull: Prototyping 3
Redbull: Prototyping 4
Redbull: Prototyping 5
Redbull: Prototyping 6

User Testing

Redbull: User Testing 1
Redbull: User Testing 2
Redbull: User Testing 3
Redbull: User Testing 4
Redbull: User Testing 5
Redbull: User Testing 6

Final Prototypes

On-body Mount: Front
On-body Mount: Back
On-body Mount: Components 1
On-body Mount: Components 3
On-body Mount: Components 3
Off-Body Mount



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