This project looked at designing and fabricating a highly original and well-crafted full-body wearable art costume to be worn by professional fashion models for a stage theatre fashion show as outlined by the categories and rules of the WOW (World of Wearable Art) 2018 International design competition, the world’s most respected venue for wearable art.

The project explores a wide variety of fabrication methods, finishing processes such as colorizing, texturing, polishing and integration of materials such as textiles, fabrics, leather and others which are soft, flexible, or otherwise conforms to the body; while also incorporating traditional hand-craft methods and digital 3D modeling and computational methods.

The designed costume titled Tessellate was inspired by NASA’s research into origami-folding space components. It showcases highly geometric and sharp lines in the folded fabric and a celestial color scheme. The headpiece, top, and skirt are an assemblage of various origami folds connected by their tessellating nature.