Unleashed is a mobile-based application that helps dog owners find doggy friends for their furry companions and socialize with other dog owners who share similar interests. Its also helps them discover new activities and safe places to take their dogs. The project was centered around user research conducted via interviews and observations of dog owners and their pets in various settings. The objective was to discern their requirements and challenges in terms of socializing their dogs and ideate an effective solution.

The mobile application includes features such as a map-based search for dog-friendly places and activities, a social network for dog owners to connect with each other and organize meetups, and a matchmaking feature that helps dog owners find compatible playmates for their dogs. The application also provides information on dog health, training, and behavior.

User Research

The Research process began with the creation of the Proto-Persona which later evolved into the User Persona. Data from the user interviews were fed into the affinity diagram, followed by clustering and categorization and further enabled the creation of the ILIWWF and Feature Prioritization Matrices.

Adopting a user-centric methodology consistently allows for productive collaboration with end users, ensuring that the solutions generated are genuinely desirable. Through Affinity Mapping, data gathered from qualitative interviews unveiled user needs, wishes and pains while concurrently facilitating the development of the user persona. 

User Experience

The potential solutions that were identified in the previous phase underwent a thorough assessment of their viability and feasibility. By plotting the complexity of these solutions against their perceived impact, it became possible to pinpoint which solutions could be transformed into features for the Mobile-based Application.


After finalizing the application’s features and functional requirements, key user flows and interactions were mapped out. This involved planning how users would navigate through the app and interact with its features.

Initial wireframes were created to visualize the app’s layout and structure, serving as a foundation for the user interface. These wireframes were later turned into interactive low-fidelity prototypes, to get a sense of the user experience and identify potential issues early on in the design process through usability testing.


Usability testing for the mobile application involved evaluating it on it’s user-friendliness and effectiveness by observing users as they interacted with the first prototype mock-up. 

Test participants were given specific tasks to complete within the app and their actions, feedback, and challenges were recorded and analyzed. A relationship between participant responses was established by mapping response frequencies which enabled the ranking of user feedback and collected test data.


The testing process uncovered usability issues and ineffective interaction patterns and was crucial in identifying areas for improvement to ensure a seamless user experience. 

All collected data was further categorized using the Feature (feedback) Prioritization Matrix. This evaluation in combination with the Response Frequency Matrix guided the design refinements necessary to streamline the user experience ensuring the creation of a user-centered mobile application.

User Interface

The conclusive user interface was crafted, incorporating insights garnered from usability testing. It was subsequently refined following the guidelines of HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) for iOS device development.

The ultimate user interface adopted an uncomplicated layout with instinctive flows, enhancing users’ seamless interaction with the array of features provided. The UI style guide embraced a lively and distinctive visual identity, reflecting a vibrant and whimsical aesthetic.

The complete application development adhered to a user-centric approach, fostering comprehensive collaboration with the intended target users to address nearly all facets of their requirements and challenges.

The outcome materialized as an enjoyable mobile application, elevating users’ canine companions’ social experiences. Concurrently, it enhanced their connections with fellow dog owners and their beloved pets. Unleashed will actively aid dogs in discovering their optimal selves and forming companionships throughout their journey.