Abstract The Sleeponomy project emerged from a dynamic 4-month design challenge aimed at catalyzing innovation within the realm of sleep tracking, sleep technology, and overall sleep health and hygiene. With a mission to disrupt conventional norms and introduce cutting-edge solutions, the project delved into validating and debunking traditional sleep myths and habits. Through rigorous research…

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  • DEM

    Abstract Diesel Engine Manufacturers provide engines to various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the commercial vehicles sector, specifically trucks and buses. The Diesel Engine Management (DEM) web application was conceptualized as part of a two-week case study for BOSCH. Its purpose was to enable diesel engine manufacturers to monitor and track the service and maintenance…

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    Abstract A collaboration between Bosch and Grupo Antolin, aimed at exploring the integration of new technologies into the future car experience, with a focus on providing an all-in-one solution to OEMs. The project involved the industrial design of the future interior cockpit of a car, incorporating Shy tech, flexible OLEDs, hidden displays, and morphing buttons,…

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  • DOI

    ABSTRACT The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) website serves as a platform to share information and resources related to the department’s various programs and initiatives. However, the current user interface (UI) of the website lacks responsiveness and doesn’t provide an optimal user experience on mobile devices. The design process started with a UI analysis…

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    ABSTRACT The objective of this design project was to innovate and create novel musical instruments, spanning across tonal, percussive, and open categories. The aim was to provide musicians with new means of expression and performing capabilities, while delivering a unique and engaging experience for the audience. By utilizing unconventional design processes and methodologies, the created…

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    Abstract Unleashed is a mobile-based application that helps dog owners find doggy friends for their furry companions and socialize with other dog owners who share similar interests. Its also helps them discover new activities and safe places to take their dogs. The project was centered around user research conducted via interviews and observations of dog…

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    Abstract Our memory mediates our interaction with the world. It is one of the most fundamental human activities, but it is only when it fails us that we even think about it. Experiences are had, memories are made, memories are remembered and memories fade. This project takes a closer look at what makes a good…

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    Abstract This project was a Kickstarter Campaign for a durable, portable, compact and easy-to-use toilet paper dispenser. PortaPaper was the culmination of multiple design sprints that involved market research, competitor analysis, business model development and design engineering. After a lot of trial and error I finally designed and prototyped a working product that was travel…

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    Abstract Approximately 6 billion credit cards are produced each year, primarily out of PVC, and almost none of these cards are recycled. The small size of the cards make it hard for recycling companies to process. Not to mention the embedded components including the ICC chip and the magnetic strip cannot be recycled while still…

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