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    ABSTRACT The objective of this design project was to innovate and create novel musical instruments, spanning across tonal, percussive, and open categories. The aim was to provide musicians with new means of expression and performing capabilities, while delivering a unique and engaging experience for the audience. By utilizing unconventional design processes and methodologies, the created…

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    Abstract Our memory mediates our interaction with the world. It is one of the most fundamental human activities, but it is only when it fails us that we even think about it. Experiences are had, memories are made, memories are remembered and memories fade. This project takes a closer look at what makes a good…

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    Abstract This project was a Kickstarter Campaign for a durable, portable, compact and easy-to-use toilet paper dispenser. PortaPaper was the culmination of multiple design sprints that involved market research, competitor analysis, business model development and design engineering. After a lot of trial and error I finally designed and prototyped a working product that was travel…

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    Abstract Approximately 6 billion credit cards are produced each year, primarily out of PVC, and almost none of these cards are recycled. The small size of the cards make it hard for recycling companies to process. Not to mention the embedded components including the ICC chip and the magnetic strip cannot be recycled while still…

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    ABSTRACT Cocktailware is an essential part of the hospitality industry and home entertaining. However, traditional cocktailware designs often require both hands to hold and use, limiting the convenience for customers with limited mobility or those who wish to multitask. The aim of this project was to create a line of ceramic cocktailware that offered a…

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    ABSTRACT This project looked at designing and fabricating a highly original and well-crafted full-body wearable art costume to be worn by professional fashion models for a stage theatre fashion show as outlined by the categories and rules of the WOW (World of Wearable Art) 2018 International design competition, the world’s most respected venue for wearable…

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    ABSTRACT In collaboration with RedBull, we set out to enhance the rock climbing experience for enthusiasts and professionals by designing a novel GoPro camera mount specifically tailored for capturing climbers’ form and holds during ascents. The project combines cutting-edge industrial design with functional utility to create a versatile and user-friendly camera mount that seamlessly integrates…

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    Abstract This project delves into the realm of color theory and its application in fabric pattern design for apparel. By analyzing scenes, images, and their color palettes, I aimed to create unique and captivating fabric patterns that reflected the essence of the colors found in everyday environments. The urban environment I chose to analyze was…

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