Project Deep Dives

Detailed case studies of some of my most interesting projects.

Future Car  

A collaboration between Bosch and Grupo Antolin, aimed at exploring the integration of new technologies into the future car experience, with a focus on providing an all-in-one solution to OEMs.

UX Research, Automotive HMI Design, Industrial Design

RideBuddy  🔐

A personalized service that helps Corporate Mobility Service Providers deliver a safe and comfortable ride for their users through cutting-edge audio analytics and sensor fusion technology.

UX Research, UX Design, Service Design, Industrial Design

Diesel Engine Management

An intuitive dashboard for a web application focused on empowering customers to seamlessly track and monitor the service and maintenance of Diesel Engines, with a connected technician dashboard for process documentation.  

UX Research, UX-UI Design, Service Design


Assisting dog owners in fostering social interactions for their furry companions within a lively community, where they can connect with like-minded individuals to find suitable canine companions and share mutual interests.

UX Research, UX Design, Mobile UI Design


Exploring enhanced memory recall by quantifying memories using an autonomous wearable device.

Research, Industrial Design, UX-UI Design


Creating a platform for the exchange of sleep as a conceptual solution for addressing sleep debt.

UX Design, Mobile UI Design, Watch UI Design


A fun and humorous take on carrying toilet paper during foreign travels and building a brand around it.

Industrial Design, Kickstarter Campaign, Brand Identity 


What if the components of a credit card could be separated from each other and recycled individually?

Sustainability, Research, Industrial Design

Findng Sound

Innovating musical instruments to expand musicians’ artistic expression and performance capabilities.

Industrial Design, Instrument Design, Music


A lamp inspired from the most important natural source of light: the sun, developed in collaboration with Gantri, Inc.

Industrial Design, Lighting Design, Manufacturing


Official costume design entry for the 2018 World of Wearable Art, International Fashion Show in Wellington, New Zealand.

Costume Design, Material Studies, Speculative Fashion


Using the slip casting process to design and fabricate ceramic cocktailware that allowed for one-handed use.

Ceramics, Manufacturing, Crockery Design